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Important Information About Rescuing Wildlife

Due to the rabies risk, the WMC is unable to accept bats or skunks. If you find a bat or skunk that is sick, injured, or orphaned, notify the Department of Public Health in your county for direction. For more information on these animals in your home, please consult the CDC website on Rabies and Public Health.

When to Rescue:

When you know the parents are dead. They usually do not abandon their babies, however they do leave them for several hours while looking for food.

    1. When the animal is injured, weak, thin, very cold or sick.
    2. If the animal is covered with flies or insects.
    3. If the animal is in unavoidable, unnatural danger (not including normal predator-prey interactions).

When NOT to Rescue:

    1. When the parent is nearby.
    2. If the animal is fat, bright eyed, healthy and not in immediate danger.
    3. Don’t rescue baby bunnies if their eyes are open unless they are hurt or in danger. They have a better chance on their own than with humans.
    4. Don’t rescue completely feathered baby birds that are only “branchers” just learning to fly- unless they are in danger from pets, people, or machinery.

And remember: It is not true that a wild mother will not take her babies back after they are touched by humans. They will take them back!

Read more advice about handling wildlife and about wildlife and the law.

Questions about your exotic animal or other family pets? Visit the University of Illinois Veterinary Teaching Hospital!

Contact Ana Cruz with questions or comments about this web site.

Note: Inquiries sent via email or social media (Facebook/Twitter) might not be answered immediately. If you have found an injured animal or your question requires urgent assistance, please call the clinic at: 217-244-1195

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