WEIU’s ‘The Paw Report’ Interviews WMC Director

Dr. Julia Whittington, director of the Wildlife Medical Clinic, was a guest on WEIU’s The Paw Report. Learn more about success stories of animals that have been patients, Dr. Whittington, and the history of the clinic, which has spanned nearly 40 years.

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Wildlife Baby Shower Featured on WCIA Local News

To view the news clip, Click Here

UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS — Spring means time for more newborn wild animals. That means people will bring them to the UI’s Wildlife Medical Clinic if they think they’re orphans, like these baby squirrels. Workers will treat the animals but say sometimes they don’t always need our help.

There’s a chance they weren’t even abandoned. To learn more, the clinic is holding a Wildlife Baby Shower. They’ll explain what to do when you find an orphaned animal. The workshop is free and open to the public.

Wildlife Baby Shower
Prairieland Feeds, Savoy
Saturday, April 4
11 am & 1 pm
Free workshop

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