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postdoctoral positions in computational biology/bioinformatics is
available immediately. These positions require excellent programming
skills using C and Perl/Python and a firm knowledge of bioinformatics
and Statistics. See the advertisement for details.


I graduated with a B.S. in statistics from Nankai University (China) and a Ph.D in statistics from Purdue University. I then worked as a postdoc fellow in Professor Jun Liu’s Lab in statistics department and FAS center of systems biology in Harvard University. I joined Department of Statistics, UIUC in 2007. Here is my CV.


The overarching goal of my lab’s research is to develop novel statistical theory and methods to overcome various challenges arise from high-throughput genomic, genetic and epigenetic studies. Over the past five years, we have gradually established a diverse extramurally funded research program focusing on developing novel model selection methods and assessing their asymptotic and empirical performance under various model assumptions. These basic statistical researches are widely used to elucidate gene regulatory networks and detect SNPs. In addition, my lab was also supported by NIH on developing effective classification models for chemical sensing. Since our research program requires substantial breadth, both within statistics and across all biological and chemical scales, it is highly integrative, interdisciplinary, and collaborative in nature. Here is a list of my publication. Here is the link of a news report of my research.

Grants Recieved:

  • Wenxuan Zhong (PI) Research board grant, Research Board University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 11/2008-05/2009 for $19,000
  • Wenxuan Zhong (PI), NCSA Variable selection in index models with applications to high throughput histone modification. One year TeraGrid (DAC-TG) allocation (11/2007-11/2008)
  • Kenneth Suslick (PI), Wenxuan Zhong (senior collaborator), NIH Genes, Environment and Health Initiative through award U01ES016011.  A VOC Dosimeter Based on a Colorimetric Sensor Array (07/01/2007-06/30/2010) for $0.6M.
  • Bill Metcalf (PI), Ping Ma (co-PI), Nathan Price (co-PI), Rachel Whitaker (co-PI), Wenxuan Zhong (senior collabrator), DOE/BER, Methanogenic archaea and the global carbon cycle: a systems biology approach to the study of Methanosarcina species. 06/2010-05/2013 for $2.3M.
  • Wenxuan Zhong (PI), Jun Liu (co-PI), Tingting Zhang (co-PI), NSF DMS-1120256, ATD Collaborative Research: Statistical Modeling of Short-Read Counts in RNA-Seq, 07/2011-08/2014, for 0.7M.
  • Wenxuan Zhong (PI), Ping Ma (co-PI), Bin Yu (co-PI), Michael Saunders (co-PI) NSF DMS-1228288,Collaborative Research: Leverage Subsampling for Regression and Dimension Reduction, 08/2012-08/2015, for 0.7M.
  • Jongsook Kim Kemper (PI), Wenxuan Zhong (co-investigator), NIH R01 DK062777 Regulation of Cholesterol catabolism by bile acids. 05/2013-04/2018, for 1.3M