About Us


Water Environment Federation – American Water Works Association (WEF-AWWA) at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign offers students interested in learning about water related topics an opportunity to learn about some of the great challenges facing the world today. Our mission is to maintain a vested interest in the study of water and continue to learn through guidance and experience provided to us by networking with industry professionals and faculty. We value personal and professional growth as well as leadership and mentorship to help students reach their goals. We feel it is important to apply the concepts and skills we’ve learned in our courses to real world issues in order to practice the critical thinking skills that will be demanded of us as engineers someday. Lastly, we believe that it is especially important for everyone to enjoy the work they do within¬†the¬†organization and to have a great time with the people they come in contact with. The organization is open to all levels of students and is a great step in the right direction to becoming the professional engineers we all aspire to be.

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