Admissions Process

The selection of students is a 3-phase process, usually completed by late-February in the year of matriculation.

Phase One – Cognitive Evaluation

The initial applicant assessment ranks all applicants (usually between 800 to 900) numerically according to a composite score derived from the Cumulative and Science Grade Point Averages, the GRE percentile score, and an evaluation of the rigor of the undergraduate collegiate academic experience.

Phase Two – Non-Cognitive Evaluation

The second phase of the assessment process is a non-academic evaluation of the Veterinary Medical College Application Service (VMCAS) application and the Illinois Supplemental application by the Admissions Advisory Committee.  Each application is read by a minimum of 3 members of the Committee who have not seen the Phase One information.

The non-academic score is determined by the following factors:

  • VMCAS personal statement
  • Illinois Supplemental essay
  • Animal-related experience
  • Veterinary-related experience
  • Other experiences (research, international studies, business, agribusiness, other careers before application)
  • Community service/citizenship
  • Leadership
  • Initiative/enterprising activities
  • Special recognition (academic, personal, or professional)
  • Electronic Letters of reference (ELOR)

Phase Three – Interview

  • 300+ applicants (130 Illinois residents and 200 non-residents) will be offered a personal interview to be scheduled in mid-to-late February.
  • All applicants will interview on one single day with one of 21 teams of interviewers. Each team is comprised of a college faculty member, a graduated veterinarian, and a third or fourth year veterinary student.
  • A behavior-based interview style is used to assess skills, knowledge, attitudes, and aptitudes pertinent to successful completion of the curriculum and a successful future as a practicing veterinarian.

Phase I scoring is not considered in the final ranking. Final scores for ranking eligibility for admission are derived as follows:

  • Phase Two score = 75% of final decision
  • Phase Three score = 25% of final decision


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