CEE 350 — Water Resources Engineering
CEE 457 — Groundwater
CEE 557 — Groundwater Modeling

Running Groundwater Flow Models as a Web application

A simple numerical model of groundwater flow (using MODFLOW) is set up as a web application.  Users can interact with the model through a web browser and can study how groundwater pumping affects streamflow and wetlands.  The model can be used in high-school earth science curricula and by the general public.

Interactive Web Programs for Groundwater Flow and Solute Transport

We have developed a set of interactive java applets to illustrate solutions to common problems in solute transport and groundwater flow.  Cases include solute transport with 1D, 2D, and 3D dispersion, flow and particle tracking in steady flow, generation or random permeability fields.  Visit the web page for full details including tutorials, and please send us feedback!

Note–many browsers will not execute java applets due to security problems.  Please visit the main landing page for further information.