Re:Search Advisers 2017-2018

Faculty Adviser | Professor Lori Humphrey Newcomb

English and Digital Humanities Librarian | Paula Carns 

The 2017-2018 Re:Search Executive Board

Co-Editor-in-Chief | Jessica Berbey (jberbe3@illinois.edu)

Co-Editor-in-Chief | Salma Aldaas (saldaa2@illinois.edu)

Managing Editor | Amanda Watson (amandaw4@illinois.edu)

       Assistant Managing Editor | Angelica Mennella (akm3@illinois.edu)

Journal Technician and Graphic Designer | Brandon Murphy (bkmrphy2@illinois.edu)

Secretary | Lucas Oswald (loswald2@illinois.edu

We are a student-founded and student-run RSO (Registered Student Organization); an official academic publication indexed in the University Library and searchable on Google Scholar; funded and sponsored by the English Department, the Scholarly Commons of the University Library, and the Office of Undergraduate Research.

We offer opportunities to collaborate with English faculty members and University Departments, gain editorial experience and familiarity with an online journal platform, and the chance to be acknowledged in an official academic publication as a member of Re:Search.

As a member, you can gain credit toward the Undergraduate Research Certificate (undergradresearch.illinois.edu/students/research-certificate.html) or Enrichment Points if you are an LAS James Scholar (www.las.illinois.edu/students/honors/james/requirements/).

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