Spooky Reads for Halloween

Happy Halloween, Illini! Fall is in full swing and with midterms winding down, we could all use a little spooky fun. Check out some of our horror books to get you in the Halloween spirit!

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Creepy Comics and Ghoulish Graphic Novels

My Favorite Thing is Monsters (Book Cover)
My Favorite Thing is Monsters by Emil Ferris

  • 1960s in Chicago
  • Fictional graphic diary of 10-year-old Karen Reyes as she tries to solve the murder of her neighbor, a Holocaust survivor

The Walking Dead (comic/graphic novel cover)
The Walking Dead by Robert Kirkman

  • Follow a few human survivors as they struggle through the aftermath of the zombie apocalypse!
  • Read the graphic novel series behind the famous TV show

Chilling Classics and Spooky Short Stories

The Stories of Ray Bradbury (book cover)
The Stories of Ray Bradbury

  • Short stories from a science fiction icon
  • Includes spooky classics such as “The Coffin,” “Skeleton,” “The Haunting of the New,” and “The October Game”

Pet Sematary (book cover)
Pet Sematary by Stephen King

  • Horror, animals, and spooky woods – what more could we ask for?
  • See the recent movie adaption!

The best of the best horror of the year (book cover)
The Best of the Best Horror of the Year: 10 Years of Essential Short Horror Fiction

  • Choose from 28 of the best and most horrific short stories from the last decade!
  • Edited and compiled by Ellen Datlow, an award-winning horror anthologist

Haunted and Spook-tacular Nonfiction

Reel Terror: the scary, bloody, gory, hundred-year history of classic horror films (book cover)
Reel Terror: the scary, bloody, gory, hundred-year history of classics horror films by David Konow

  • Featuring on-set stories and history of the horror movie genre, from blockbusters to cult classics
  • Great companion for your Halloween movie marathon!

Ghostland: an American History in Haunted Places (book cover)
Ghostland: an American History in Haunted Places by Colin Dickey

  • Explore all of the haunted locations across the country, with the facts behind haunted places and how the stories have changed as they’ve spread and become legends

For more great book recommendations, check out our genre fiction binders on the Lower Level at the UGL!

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Halloween Gaming Event

Have you caught the smell of pumpkin spice lattes in the air? That’s right, fall is back! This year the UGL is celebrating fall with a spooky, Halloween-themed Game Night Thursday, October 17th from 7pm -10pm. Come as you are or grab a costume to join in the Halloween fun. Here are some of the Horror-themed games we’ll be featuring:
Call of Cthulhu Roleplaying Game

Join us for this chilling roleplaying adventure! One of our experienced Game Masters will guide players through a quest in a world based on the writing of the master of horror himself, H.P. Lovecraft. Solve a mystery while struggling to maintain your sanity and survive despite the horror and danger that surrounds you.
Betrayal at House on the Hill

From aliens to ghosts, to voodoo dolls and beyond, you never know what you might find in this ever-changing haunted mansion. Come explore the House on the Hill, if you dare, and bring along 2-5 of your closest friends. Try to maintain your sanity as you encounter challenges and hauntings in each new room of the house. But beware…one of you is not who they claim to be and there will be a betrayal at the House on the Hill before the night ends!
One Night: Ultimate Werewolf

In this quick and easy game each player takes on the role of a villager…some innocent, some not so innocent. The villagers race to find the identity of the werewolves hiding among them, before they sink their teeth into the whole town. Each morning the villagers wake to find the werewolves may have claimed another victim. Will you survive the night?
Other games we’ll have available throughout the night include Ghost Stories, Castle Ravenloft, and Mysterium. Feel free to bring your own haunted horror games from home, or grab one of the games from the UGL’s collection. Will you be brave enough to join us for the fright? We hope to see you there!
Written by: Jayde
Edited by: Lauren
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50th Anniversary Student Art Gallery

New art exhibition alert! In honor of the Undergraduate Library’s 50th Anniversary, the UGL Art Gallery has two new displays to celebrate. Come check them out and celebrate with us!

For the first display, you’ll find the submissions to the Undergraduate Graphic Design Competition. Each of these unique designs captures the spirit and mission of the UGL. You won’t want to miss this impressive display of student artwork!


In the second display, you’ll explore the UGL Through the Decades. Learn about the history of the Undergraduate Library while browsing photographs of the UGL over the years. You’ll see the UGL transform from a space on the first floor of the Main Library into the thriving library we know today. The gallery takes viewers through the “Early Beginnings of the UGL,” to “1969: Undergraduate Library Established,” and concludes with the “UGL Today.” Come learn more about this unique building and how it came to be.

We hope to see you there! And be sure to follow us on social media to learn more about events celebrating the UGL’s 50th.

Thank you to the students who submitted to our graphic design competition, and to the University Archives for providing historical images of the Undergraduate Library.

Written by: Izzy

Edited by: Ryan & Lauren

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