On Display @ the UGL

Ever wondered what’s up with that colorful bulletin board by the comfy chairs in the lower level lobby, or those big glass cases on the upper level near the new books? These displays offer you an opportunity to learn about something you didn’t know about while you kick back for a moment in the UGL, and they offer us the opportunity to show you some UGL resources that we think are pretty great. Kind of like this blog, but in 3-D real-life format!

Here’s what’s on display @ the UGL this month:

Pictures and readings about poets on a bulletin board

Five amazing poets! And more!

The lower level bulletin board, sponsored by the Library’s Diversity Committee,  showcases a multicultural/diversity awareness topic every month. This school year’s themes have included a timeline of LGBT history for LGBT History Month in October, and a historical look at Black Student Organizations and African-American Studies programs for Black History Month in February. This month’s theme is National Poetry Month, with a look at five American poets who come from diverse backgrounds and write about issues such as identity, ethnicity, and the immigrant experience.

Many titles about gaming are available.

Books for the amateur and advanced gamer!

The glass display cases on the upper level are currently showcasing gaming items! In April, we are holding a gaming career night at the UGL (more on that next week), which is part of our gaming initiative. The display features old consoles and games and awesome books on playing, creating, and programming video games of all sorts. This display case always features eye-catching displays – created by some of the insanely talented staff and student assistants – on a wide variety of topics to spark your interest!

Books about Buddhism are available at the UGL.

Become enlightened with books on Buddhism!

Finally, the small y-shaped bookcase on the lower level near the TV display features books on display surrounding a day, week or month of awareness (such as Eating Disorder Awareness week in February), or a topic of interest to the student assistants who create the display. This month, we’ve got books on Buddhism for Buddha’s birthday which is celebrated on April 8th in Japan, and April 28th, per the Chinese Lunar calendar, in other Asian countries. There are several other important Buddhist festivals that occur in April including Thai New Year (Songkran), Lao New Year (Pbeemai), and Burmese New Year Water Festival (Thingyan). Now’s your chance to read up on them @ the UGL!

As always, want to know more or have suggestions? Use the comments feature, tweet us @askundergrad, or Ask-A-Librarian!


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