The Edge of Glory

Every few months, the UGL publishes a web newsletter called the Undergrad Edge and we want you to know about it!

Highlights of this month’s issue include…

– New digital signage: If you’re a frequent UGL-er you may have noticed these shiny new flatscreen TVs we’re mounting on the ceiling where our old-fashioned brown signs used to be. These will point you to everything you need to find in the library, plus run some awesome slides with events, hours, and new items in our collection.

– New self-checkout stations: Yes, you now have the power to check out books without the assistance of a student assistant (although you still have that option, of course). You’ll find the self-checkout station on the lower level, right by the doors.

Thanks for listening! Hit us up with comments.

As always: Got questions? Ask a Librarian.

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