Short Week for Me

This past week was a short one for me because I was sick.  A bug has been going around the past few weeks and hitting the students and teachers pretty hard.  It finally made its round to me and I have since been fighting it off.  I came to school on Monday feeling a little under the weather but not bad enough to miss.  But Tuesday morning did me in; I was forced to take a sick day for the safety and well-being of the rest of my class.  I felt so guilty for taking a sick day.  I provided my cooperating teacher all the plans I had made and what she could do (although, I felt a bit silly doing so, she is the real teacher and this is her class!) Tuesday’s are our longest day of teaching; in addition to Language Arts and Math (which happen daily), we also had science for the last hour of school.  I have two students who do Language Arts and Math with the special education teacher but I have them for Science and Social Studies, so I was especially disappointed I was missing time they would be in the classroom.  Another thing to add to my guilt was the fact it was one of my student’s birthday! She had been counting down the days and was so excited and I was sad I couldn’t be there to wish her a happy birthday. 🙁  But! The nice thing about being sick on Tuesday was that on Wednesday when I came back to school the kids were so excited to see me and asked why I wasn’t there the day before and if I was feeling better.  It is great to see how much they care about me and want me to be at school with them.  It also reminded me of how much fun I have at school with these students each and every day.