The Complete Trombonist Workshop

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University of Illinois – Urbana, IL

Jim Pugh and the University of Illinois School of Music are proud to again offer this workshop created to explore and celebrate the breadth and beauty of the trombone and its reach into every genre of music.

Who is it for?
The classical player who wants to improve their big band playing or become more comfortable with improvisation.
The jazz player who wants to sound more authentic sitting in an orchestra.
The younger player who wants to explore many different types of music.
The mature player who wants to pick up some new ideas.
Basically, it’s for ANY TROMBONIST wanting to expand their horizons and walk between many musical disciplines.

We created “The Complete Trombonist Workshop” to provide you with useful tools and information to apply in many areas of trombone performance. Some of these tools and techniques overlap across many, and sometimes, all settings and styles while others are very specifically tied to a particular area. In that spirit, this year’s workshop will explore trombone fundamentals; orchestral, solo and big band playing; improvisation; traditional styles; the business of music (how to get your career started or keep a career moving forward; how to use social media to your advantage; basic professional advice, etc.) plus as much other information as we can fit in!

Come join us for an intense and rewarding week of playing, listening and learning at a workshop designed with your career, success and musical growth in mind.

All age and ability levels are welcome; young trombonists must have at least completed freshman year of high school.