Congratulations and Finals Week Schedule

Congratulations and thank you to all the students and instructors that participated at the end of the semester belt test events. Supporting the club by cheering on fellow students, holding boards and giving feedback is extremely valuable and doesn’t go unnoticed. Some videos and photos from this weekend have been shared on the facebook group and Instagram.

We will have class tonight and Wednesday at our usual time and location (6 PM ARC Combat Room). As you are preparing for your final exams make sure to get plenty of rest and take care of yourself. A great way to practice self-care is with a challenging martial arts workout. Below is the schedule for Finals week:
Finals Week Schedule (regular TKD schedule)
  • Saturday, Dec. 14th at 12 PM
  • Monday, Dec. 16th at 6 PM
  • Wednesday, Dec. 18th at 6 PM
Looking forward to seeing everyone tonight,