Congrats, Purdue Tournament & Save the Date for End of the Term Belt Testing

Welcome Our Newest White Belts

Congratulations to our white belts Gouri, Beulah, Urvi, and Jacquelyn! 

Also, congrats to our newest white belts from today’s class Aliza and Rhea

Purdue Tournament Invitation | Sat. November 16th

The Purdue Taekwondo Club’s annual Taekwondo Tournament is Saturday, November 16th. Both sparring and forms competition will be available. Forms: $10, Sparring: $15 Both: $20.
Additional information about the tournament is available on the club facebook event:
If interesting in participating or attending to watch sign-up on the shared GoogleDoc by Oct 28th so transportation can be arranged.
Save the Date for Belt Testing | Sat. December 7th
Mark your calendars for the end of the semester belt test (Saturday, December 7th). The testing opportunity will take the place of the scheduled TKD class. All are welcome and encouraged to attend in uniform to help out by holding targets, free-sparring, taking pictures and encouraging your fellow club members. 
Fee: The belt testing fee is $10 and this can be paid in cash or electronically on the day of the test. The fee covers board, belts, and other testing items. 
Other Items: Please review the techniques for each belt rank that will be evaluated during the test on the club website: Also, everyone that is testing should review the school rules,  Korean terminology and have a favorite technique prepared that you can demonstrate on both sides.