TKD May 2013 Announcements


Happy last day of classes! We will continue to have TKD practice during the normal times this week and during Finals week. So if you have time in between studying stop by and work out with us.

Also, as announced during class, our TKD club trains year round. So if you are in the Champaign-Urbana area over the summer I look forward to training with you. Below are the dates and times that we will train over the summer.

    Summer Session I – May 11th – June 9th: Mon. 5:30-7pm, Wed. 5:30-7pm and Saturdays noon-2pm in the ARC, Combat Room
    Summer Session II – June 10th – August 2nd: Mon. 6-7:30pm, Wed. 6-7:30pm (M/W class outside, grassy lawn outside of Law Building) and Saturdays noon-2pm in the ARC Combat Room
    Post Summer – August 3rd – fall term begins: Mon. TBD Wed. TBD and Saturdays noon-2pm in the ARC Combat Room

As there are no formal reservations accepted over the summer session if the Combat Room is too crowded then we may relocate to a nearby gym, etc. Finally, if you are not taking classes over the summer but still in town, your iCard will grant you access to the ARC during summer session 1, however once summer session II begins you will need a campus rec membership. Below is information regarding membership rates. If a significant number of students are not taking classes during summer II session we can move all classes outside but again some cancellations may occur depending on the weather.

ALL Summer 2013 May 6 – Aug. 15, 2012 Cost: $129
Summer Session II 2013 Cost: $85

Candice Solomon-Strutz