Changes in tradition

“The difficulty was to disempower Charles I while preserving the nation’s ancient law and customs.” (Worden 6).

In The English Civil War, Blair Worden highlights the struggles between Parliament and the Royal Crown. The English Civil War was a series of conflicts that split the English nation. At the time, Parliament functioned as a temporary advising committee and was summoned when the monarch needed them. However, over time, Parliament gained enough significance that monarchs depended on Parliament to raise revenue at the Crown’s disposal. A big issue was that Parliament lacked legal authority to execute any plans without the monarch’s permission. Thus, both parties depended on each other and issues continued to escalate as each side did not cooperate. I think this quote summarizes the broader reasons for the cause of the beginning of the Civil War. I feel that too much power was separated at each end of the spectrum. England was deeply traditional. Changes during the time period disrupted the nation’s ancient laws and customs, which contributed to warfare. A balance was needed between monarchical authority and Parliament influence. Therefore, the aftermath of the English Civil War resulted in the adoption of a parliamentary monarchy form of government that would would result in the outcome of the future Kingdom of Great Britain.

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