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EPSY203 courses open for enrollment

EPSY 203: Social Justice Group Dialogue courses are now open for enrollment. These 1 credit hour, second 8 week courses provide students with opportunities to converse on specific diversity and social justice topic areas offered as separate sections under the course heading. Each section uses a structured dialogue format to explore intergroup and intragroup differences and similarities within historical and contemporary contexts. Specific focus will be on participants sharing their experiences and perspectives related to the specific dialogue topic. The dialogue format uses active learning exercises in addition to weekly readings, journal assignments, and topic based dialogues. May be repeated in the same term to a maximum of 2 hours. May be repeated in separate terms to a maximum of 6 hours. This semester we are offering the following dialogue topics: Exploring Gender (Cis & Trans); African/African American; 2 sections on Being White in a Multicultural Society Dialogue; 2 sections on Race/Ethnicity; Conservative/Liberal (Political Affiliation) dialogue; Exploring Disability; and US/International Relations: A Global Dialogue. For specific detailed information on the topics please go to:


Joycelyn Landrum-Brown

Joycelyn Landrum-Brown, Ph.D.

(Pronouns She, Her and Hers)

Adjunct Assistant Professor Educational Psychology and Psychology

Faculty affiliate Department of African-American Studies

Program Coordinator, Dialogue course coordinator, Diversity and Social Justice Education

Office of Inclusion and Intercultural Relations

1001 S. Wright St. (MC-410)

Champaign, IL. 61820


2nd-8-week course: ENGL 199 – Writing to Get That Job!

We will be offering one section of ENGL 199 – Writing to Get That Job!—in the 2nd 8 week FA15 session.  Please encourage your students to check it out!  Questions can be directed to Bruce Erickson, Director of the Professional Writing Program,



ENGL 199, Section Q

Writing To Get That Job!

TUTH 12-12:50

Course meets ONLINE


Through conceptual development and context-sensitive lessons/assignments, students will: [1] develop/improve writing skills particularly germane to successfully applying for an internship, a post-baccalaureate job, or an advanced-degree program and [2] apply those skills to create a polished set of recruiter-ready texts relevant to their career plans and a career-relevant, currently-advertised job/internship/program.


Attending regularly-scheduled, online class meetings is expected of all students because: learning how to successfully apply writing concepts is a skill, and such skills are acquired through ‘enactive’ experiences.

PHIL 102: Logic and Reasoning – Second 8-Week Course

The Department of Philosophy has a new eight week course offering going live for THIS semester.

PHIL 102Gilbert (please feel free to email instructor with any questions,

CRN: 65983

T/Th 10:00 AM beginning October 20th


Philosophy 102 is an introduction to reasoning. This is a course in informal logic, stressing practical problems and methods. The course is intended to help the student learn to follow and analyze other people’s arguments (e.g., in editorials, textbooks, and legal cases). It will also improve the student’s ability to develop, present, and defend his or her own arguments. The student will be introduced to some of the basic laws of reasoning, and also to some of the most common fallacies which occur in reasoning.



This course satisfies the General Education Criteria for Fall 2015 for a UIUC: History & Philosophy Perspectives course.




History Second 8-Week Courses Now Open for Registration

Please let your students know that the Fall 2015 History Second 8-Week Courses are now open for registration!


We will be offering the following second 8-week HIST courses (and they are all gen eds!):


HIST 135:  History of Islamic Middle East (


HIST 247/MDVL 247:  Medieval Europe (


HIST 253:  Enlightenment to Existentialism (


HIST 258:  20thC World to Midcentury (


HIST 265:  Science in Western Civ (


HIST 270:  United States History to 1815 (


HIST 274:  US & World Since 1917 (


HIST/GWS 285:  US Gender History to 1877 (


HIST/GWS 286:  US Gender History Since 1877 (








Senior Academic Advisor

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Like Sports? Like Travel? Like to Play? – 2nd 8 week classes

Hello!  We have a  2  – 2nd 8 week courses available for you – great elective opportunities:
RST 255 Ethical Issues in Sport Mgmt. (CRN 43106) Tuesday & Thursday, 2:00-3:40pm
Explores ethical issues in sport related to government, sporting opportunities, journalism and media, education, coaching, and business. Students become familiar with concepts and principles of applied ethics and gain insight into the complexity of ethical issues in sport.
RST 110 – Service Delivery in Recreation, Sport and Tourism(CRN 43100) 
Monday & Wednesday, 3:00-4:40pm  Introduces students to the concepts, principles, and practices related to the provision of leisure services; description of the various fields of professional practices and basic elements of leisure service systems such as budgeting, planning, staffing, and characteristics of client populations.
Do you have questions about Recreation, Sport and Tourism?  Please let me know. I am happy to discuss the course offerings and the major with you!
Contact LoriKay “LK” Paden at or Contact a Peer Advisor at (217)300-3787 or Drop in 220 Huff Hall and talk to a Peer Advisor!
LoriKay Paden, CPRP
Academic Advisor
Recreation, Sport & Tourism


New Spring 2015 2nd 8 week class

The College of Media has a brand new second eight week course offering going  live for this semester.
Called “Hands-on Media Technology” this class is open to ALL students and will focus on utilizing programs and software commonly associated with different communication design options.
It will be a “hands on” type class.
Please see the attached flyer for more information.
Dr. Julian Parrott
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Student Services
College of Media


SP ’15 – Seats still open in HIST 362, Second 8-weeks course

Dear Advisors:
If you have students who need an advanced-level elective course, please let them know about this History course.  Seats are still open and flyer is attached!
HIST 362:  Spain and Portugal to 1808
Section:  B
CRN:  54489
Meets:  MWF  12:00-1:50
Location:  243 Armory
Instructor:  Ryan Bean, Teaching Assistant
Senior Academic Advisor


Announcing New 2nd 8-Week Anthropology Course on Sustainability

Below is a description for a new 2nd 8-week upper level anthropology course available for students searching for alternatives and/or passionate about the topic of animal-human-environmental inter-relationships.  Please feel free to alert students who may be interested!
There is a 1-credit option for those adding a course of interest.
Those students seeking 3-credits will meet with the instructor to develop a project related to the course themes.
Laura Davis
New 2nd 8-Week Course Open for Registration
Sustainability, Animals and Humans:  Contemporary Issues
ANTH 399 JD3  CRN 63139
6 pm -7:50 pm  Tuesdays
Starts March 17, 2015
109A Davenport Hall
Instructor: Prof J Desmond
This course introduces students to key contemporary challenges in global sustainability issues as seen through the lens of human relations with animals.  Includes assigned readings, discussion, guests, and screenings.  From over-fishing to pet over-population, and from eco-tourism to industrial farming and its alternatives, we examine human-animal relations on the land, in the sea, in the air, and on the ice.
This course can be taken for 1 credit or 3 credits.  The registration default is 1 credit, so you will need to click on the blue 1 credit to toggle 3 credits.
No specific prerequisites, but students should have some background in social sciences or humanities as that is the combined approach the course will be taking.

History Second 8-Week Courses Added to the Spring 2015 Course Schedule!

Please let your students know that the Department of History has added the following second 8-week HIST courses to the Spring 2015 class schedule.  All sections are now active so students may begin registering for them.

Thank you!



HIST 171:  US Hist to 1877

Section:  B

CRN:  43627

Meets:  MWF  9:00-10:50

Location:  147 Armory

Instructor:  Evan Murphy, Teaching Assistant
Gen Ed Credit:  Humanities & the Arts and Western/Comparative Culture(s)


HIST 247/MDVL 247:  Medieval Europe

Sections:  B/B

CRNs:  34115/34116

Meets:  MWF  1:00-2:50

Location:  242 Armory

Instructor:  Michael Brinks, Teaching Assistant

Gen Ed Credit:  Humanities & the Arts and Western/Comparative Culture(s)


HIST 256:  Britain and World Since 1688

Section:  B

CRN:  34123

Meets:  TR  9:00-11:50

Location:  146 Armory

Instructor:  Irina Spector-Marks, Teaching Assistant

Gen Ed Credit:  Humanities & the Arts and Western/Comparative Culture(s)


HIST 269/RLST 269:  Jewish History Since 1700

Sections:  A/A

CRNs:  45888/45889

Meets:  TR  12:00-2:50

Location:  140 Burrill Hall

Instructor:  Rhona Seidelman, Visiting Lecturer

Gen Ed Credit:  Humanities & the Arts and Western/Comparative Culture(s)


HIST 315/RST 312:  Discovery, Tourism and Travel

Sections:  B/B

CRNs:  55720/55721

Meets:  MWF  10:00-11:50

Location:  140 Henry Administration Building

Instructor:  Elizabeth Quick, Teaching Assistant


HIST 362:  Spain and Portugal to 1808

Section:  B

CRN:  54489

Meets:  MWF  12:00-1:50

Location:  243 Armory

Instructor:  Ryan Bean, Teaching Assistant





Senior Academic Advisor

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Department of History

2nd 8 Week course – CHLH 494, Special Topics, Aging with Disability

Good morning all,

If you have students who need a 2nd 8 weeks course and have an interest in aging with disability, this course will be a perfect fit for them! Undergraduate students will register for Section LU2 (CRN=63055); graduate students will register for Section LG1 (CRN= 63054).

Dear Advisors,
During the 2nd 8 weeks of the Spring 2015 semester I will be teaching a new course entitled ‘Aging With Disability.’  This course will focus on the psychological and physical changes persons with disabilities face as they age.  In addition, this course examines the impact that aging with disability has on the US healthcare system, legislation and healthcare professionals.  If you have any students interested in healthcare related fields or disability related issues, this 400 level course provides an interesting investigation into this growing topic.  For Spring 2015, the course will be offered as a Special Topics Course: CHLH 494.  The class will be held on Tuesdays/Thursday from 2 – 4:40 pm.
Christopher Cosat, MSEd
College of Applied Health Sciences

Academic Advisor, Community Health