FAA Academic Affairs: Interesting Courses for Fall 2016

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Please share the following course information with interested students. Thanks for your help!

ARTS 445 Special Topics in New Media – PERFORMANCE

A hands on course that will explore performance within the field of New Media. It meets MW 1pm-3:40pm.  The class thrives when there’s a mix – grads and undergrads, students from Art & Design, Dance, Theatre, Music, Landscape Architecture, Computer Science, English.  Students may contact Deke Weaver at dekew@illinois.edu for more information.

GCL 220 Frameworks for Health & Wellness: Building Healthy Communities

As an innovative course in Grand Challenge Learning, Frameworks for Building Healthy Communities gathers expert faculty from across campus – all renowned for excellent teaching and research. Students will explore health and wellness across the arts, natural sciences, humanities, and social sciences while earning General Education credit in Cultural Studies and Humanities & the Arts. GCL 220 meets twice per week: on Mondays for a lecture that gathers all students and faculty, and on Wednesdays in seminars of up to 25 students. Through this unique structure, students benefit from the expertise of six different faculty while joining a seminar with one professor and a small network of peers. Registration for GCL 220 includes the lecture as well as enrollment in one of the participating professor’s seminars (for a total of 3 credit hours).



Zelda Gardner
Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Academic Affairs

College of Fine + Applied Arts