Fall 2016 Critical Frameworks: next stage in Grand Challenge Learning!

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Dear Advisor,

Hope this finds you well!  We’re writing to remind that that Fall 2016 marks the launch of the next stage in Grand Challenge Learning: our 200-level Critical Frameworks courses on Health, Inequality, and Sustainability.  Any undergraduate student can take these courses and there are no prerequisites.  Each course takes a student one step further toward completing a Grand Challenge Learning pathway while filling at least two General Education requirements! A flyer for the courses is attached.


The Critical Frameworks courses will put students in conversation with award-winning faculty in Anthropology, Art & Design, Biology, Business, Chemistry, Education, Engineering, Geography, Labor Relations, and Literature. Each Frameworks course meets twice per week: first for a lecture that gathers all students and faculty, and next in small seminars. Through this innovative structure, students will benefit from the expertise of several​  faculty while joining one professor’s seminar with a network of peers.  They’ll meet interesting students, hear great lectures, and participate in group projects that they can publish on their own electronic portfolio.

The below links go directly to Course Explorer:


GCL 200/201*: Frameworks for Inequality & Cultural Understanding, T,Th 2-3:20pm

Gen Eds: Humanities & the Arts/US Minority Cultures

(*GCL 201 also meets Advanced Composition)

GCL 210: Frameworks for Sustainability, Energy & the Environment, M,W 3-4:20pm

Gen Eds: Humanities & the Arts/Cultural Studies

GCL 220: Frameworks for Building Healthy Communities, M,W 2-:3:20pm

Gen Eds: Humanities & the Arts/Cultural Studies


To learn more about the Critical Frameworks courses watch our new video, download our flyer, or email lgoodad@illinois.edu


Have a great week!


Lauren M. E. Goodlad
Kathryn Paul Professorial Scholar and Provost Fellow for Undergraduate Education

Professor of English and Criticism, & Interpretive Theory

The Victorian Geopolitical Aesthetic: Realism, Sovereignty & Transnational Experience

Co-Chair, Campus Conversation on Undergraduate Education

608 S. Wright Street
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Urbana, IL  61801