Academic conversation skills workshops for intl students (from Linguistics Department)

The Linguistics Department is offering a series of workshops (see attached and below) focused on helping international students develop oral English skills. These workshops do NOT focus on the EPI, but they would be very useful for students who want to increase their confidence when using English in academic settings. The first workshop session is this week (Tuesday and Friday).


Following is the eWeek announcement, should you wish to pass it and/or the attached flyer on to your international students:


2016 Academic Conversation Workshop Series for international students

Do you have any international students having trouble with participating in class or interacting with you due to language barrier or cultural differences? Academic Conversation Skills Workshop Series offer tips and strategies to overcome such challenges for international students and visiting scholars. Visit our website for more info on times, location, and sign-up details.

Jin Kim . Sponsored by 2015 Faculty Retreat Grant