Open SOC courses

Please share these wonderful SOC courses with open Seats with your students:


SOC 100 Intro to Sociology (SS) (restrictions just allow students at all levels to register; contact soc advising if a student has difficulty registering)

SOC 101 Sociology of Gender

SOC 196 Inequality and Disparity (Social Problems)

SOC 225 Race and Ethnicity

SOC 275 Criminology

SOC 280 Intro to Social Statistics (QR I)

SOC 350 Technology and Society

SOC 373 Social Stratification

SOC 470 Social Movements

SOC 483 Mid-East Societies and Cultures

SOC 496 Drugs, Alcohol and Crime (Special Topic) CRN 51520

SOC 496 Eastern European & EU Integration (Special Topic) CRN 61111



More seats will be released in SOC 200 Intro to SOC Theory on Nov. 23rd


If students have difficulty registering, please have them email soc-advising with their UIN and the error message they are receiving.





Dr. Nicole Holtzclaw-Stone

Director of Undergraduate Studies

Department of Sociology

University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign