Global Studies courses have seats available

The following courses and sections still have great seats available for your students!


GLBL 220: Governance


GLBL 240: Global Health


GLBL 350: Poverty in a Global Context


We also have a few seats in GLBL 100 left, contact us for an override as we will soon be releasing them. This course now counts for the Social Science as well as Western/Comparative gen eds.


Also, these one-credit seminars still have some open seats. These courses are great for students to round out their schedule with an interesting course to get that pesky single credit or to simply explore in-depth a topic of interest to them. Course descriptions and other details can be found online in the campus course explorer.


GLBL 296

crn 54536: Transitional Justice in Post-conflict Societies (semester-long)

crn 58754: Politics of Belonging (1st half of the semester)

crn 62473: NGOs and Development (2nd half)

crn 61853: Water, Human Rights and Development (1st half)

crn 54535: Women and Pop Culture in the Middle East (2nd half)


Good luck with the new semester!



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