Australia Study Abroad (IHLT 498)

Good afternoon everyone!


We would like to ask your help in spreading the word about the “IHLTH 498: Global Health and Diversity” course that will take place on campus for the 2nd 8 weeks of the semester, and then two weeks abroad in Australia over the 2015-2016 Winter Break term. This course is open to undergraduate students of all majors.


We will focus on a variety of concepts comparing health issues in the U.S. and Australia. Students with a passion for health will be particularly interested in the health care, aging, disability, aboriginal and indigenous health, and gendered health aspects of the course.


Please share the following information with your students:


  1. Applications are due September 15th, but we highly encourage anyone interested to apply early due to limited space. In the event we have more applications than seats in the course, we will begin reviewing based on the date applications were submitted.
  2. In the event you or the people helping you finance the trip want a refresher about the course, Lena Hann (course Instructor) and Moses (our TA) made a short informational video for you! You can access it here.
  3. We have updated the estimated total for the course, and the expense is lower than originally quoted!
  4. The estimated range of total cost is $6,920-$7,290.
  5. This means that amount includes all program, travel (including airfare) and out-of-pocket expenses (like meals on your own time).
  6. You can find more information on the Study Abroad website or email us here.
  7. There will be more Info Sessions held during the first few weeks of class, and our partners from Australia will actually be here to answer questions about what we’ll do while abroad. Keep an eye out for emails later this month.


Thank you for your help in getting the word out to students!




Julie Bobitt, PhD

Program Coordinator and Instructor

Interdisciplinary Health Sciences

University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign

1206 S. Fourth Street

226 Huff Hall, MC-586