New leadership course

Please inform Juniors, Seniors, and Graduate students about the new course below and attached, which is open to all majors.
ENG 498 AL1 Authentic Leadership
Fall 2015, 2-4 hours credit
Mondays 3-4:50 PM
Build emotional intelligence skills, the key to leadership success, through hands-on learning during a leadership project. Discover and lead by your strengths, address risk and uncertainty through adaptive change, and frame requests in a way that creates partnership. Unleash new possibilities through mindfulness and resilience skills that increase creativity and productivity and reduce stress.
Involves a variable-credit leadership case study involving any university or non-university group activity. Prerequisites are RHET 101 or equivalent; and Junior, Senior, or Graduate standing.
Contact: Professor Barbara Minsker,
Barbara S. Minsker
Professor and Arthur and Virginia Nauman Faculty Scholar
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering &  National Center for Supercomputing Applications