Open seats in Spanish Courses

We’d like to invite you to share with students the following information. These Spanish still have available seats for FA 15.  (Although we have open seats in some other courses, the following are more geared towards sophomores and above.)

SPAN 208 3 hours. ORAL SPANISH Practice in speaking Spanish; to be taken concurrently with or subsequent to SPAN 204; meets four hours per week. Prerequisite: SPAN 141 or equivalent.

SPAN 228 3 hours. SPANISH COMPOSITION. Basic composition course; problems of written Spanish and principles of Spanish stylistic patterns; weekly written exercises. Prerequisite: Credit or concurrent enrollment in SPAN 204.

SPAN 232 SPANISH IN THE COMMUNITY. 3 hours. Through community-based learning, this course introduces students to Spanish-speaking communities in the Champaign-Urbana area, focuses on issues of particular interest to the local Hispanic community, helps develop contextualized oral proficiency and facilitates student civic engagement. Active student reflection is structured throughout the course. Meets two hours a week in class and two hours a week in community-based service work. In their interactions with community members and organizations students both learn from and contribute to the community. Prerequisite: SPAN 208 with at least a B or consent of instructor.

SPAN 320 SPANISH CULTURAL STUDIES II. 3 hours. Critical analysis of selected historical events, artistic production, debates, symbols and values representative of Spanish (Iberian) cultures in the modern and contemporary periods. Particular emphasis on the relationship between cultural practices and national identities, as well as on contextualized analysis of different types of cultural phenomena. May be repeated in separate terms to a maximum of 6 hours, if topics vary. Prerequisite: SPAN 254.

SPAN 326 CULTURAL STUDIES AMERICAS II. 3 hours. Panoramic view of Latin American cultures since the end of the colonial period (roughly 1820) to the present. Examination of the major debates, authors and cultural issues that shaped those cultures or that were shaped by them. Specific themes may vary by semester, and may include the following: slavery, colonialism and neocolonialism, revolution, mestizaje, gender, the state, and modernization. Analysis will include diverse cultural phenomena, as well as consideration of cultural perspectives and practices. May be repeated in separate terms to a maximum of 6 hours, if topics vary. Prerequisite: SPAN 254.

SPAN 395 E ADVANCED TOPICS LIT & CULT. ST. MUSLIMS, CHRISTIANS, AND JEWS IN MEDIEVAL IBERIA. CWL 395, meets with SP 395 Course title: Muslims, Christians, and Jews in Medieval Iberia Course description: This course will explore cultural relations between Muslims, Christians, and Jews in medieval Iberia today’s Spain and Portugal. In order to understand the complex nature of interfaith life in medieval Iberia, we will study a diverse array of sources from Arabic, Hebrew, Latin, Castilian, and Catalan literature and historiography. All readings will be taught in English translation. At the end of the semester, we will briefly examine how the history of medieval Iberia has become a framework for understanding Muslim-Christian relations in contemporary Europe.

Beth Chasco
Undergraduate Spanish Advisor