New Course: Politics of International Conservation and Development

NRES is very excited to have Dr. Daniel Miller joining our faculty this fall. He will be teaching a new course for upper level undergraduates and grad students, NRES 499: The Politics of International Conservation and Development.
“Conserving the earth’s rich biological heritage while enhancing the well-being of some of the world’s poorest people stands as a critical global challenge. This course will examine this complex issue using the lens of political science and related fields such as political ecology and common property. It will demonstrate how insights and approaches from these areas of scholarship can help understand and address the twin problems of biodiversity loss and human poverty in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. Examples will focus on forest and wildlife conservation and management. This course will be of interest to students from a range of natural and social science disciplines. It is open to advanced undergraduate as well as graduate students.”
It’s a three credit hour course that meets Tuesdays and Thursdays 2:00-3:20. The CRN is 60428.

NRES499_Fall 2015_Politics of CD