Learning in Community (LINC) Spring ‘15 Project Manager Positions!

Dear Advisors,

Please consider sharing this leadership opportunity for Spring 2015 semester for students to manage LINC (Learning in Community) courses. We are currently finalizing the project section offerings for the ENG 315 service-learning courses and will send an email out with more details soon. The Project Management opportunity is geared towards graduate and advanced undergraduate students, and we will begin interviews soon.
Shikhank Sharma
Call for Applications: Spring 2015 LINC Project Managers
For Graduate Students and Advanced Undergraduate Students 
Consider this significant opportunity to acquire training and experience in project management and classroom facilitation while leading a real project of importance to a nonprofit community partner! There are many positions available to co-manage a LINC-Learning in Community section (ENG 315) with interdisciplinary projects related to social and environmental issues, engineering and technical problems, education, community health, international development, and more! In the past, students have built bridges, produced marketing campaigns, improved water systems, developed youth programs, designed rain gardens, and lots more!
Project Managers earn 4 credit hours for ENG 598: Applied Project Management and facilitate the regularly scheduled ENG 315 sessions for one of the projects. They manage the project, participate in a weekly professional development course where they learn about service-learning and managing projects in community-based settings, coordinate communications with the partner, and assess student work. Project Managers will receive preparation for their roles during a pre-semester training on January 14-16. 
Project managers will gain/learn
§  Enhanced skills in communication, professional writing, leading multi-disciplinary teams, problem-solving, conflict resolution, evaluation, organizing and prioritizing tasks, and time management
§  Knowledge, skills, and experience in applied project management
§  Experience working with diverse students, partners, and project stakeholders in authentic, community-based contexts
§  Satisfaction in guiding students to be socially responsible citizens
§  Knowledge, skills, and experience in teaching techniques
§  A sense of accomplishment in making a meaningful impact in the community and in the lives of students
Apply ASAP for equal consideration (applications are rolling and interviews begin October 27th).  For more information and to join the LINC team, see  http://linc.illinois.edu/information-project-managers  and view our introductory video, “What is LINC?” posted at http://youtu.be/f7s3aniu_40. For questions, contact Shikhank Sharma (sharma24@illinois.edu).