LAS ICT Info Sessions

Believe it or not, SP15 registration is more or less right around the corner, which means it’s almost ICT season here at the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.  We will accept ICT requests from Monday, October 6 through Friday, October 31. 
All eligible students interested in transferring to LAS must first attend one of our ICT Informational Meetings, the schedule for which is as follows:
Monday, September 29
11 a.m.-noon, 162 Noyes
Tuesday, September 30
2-3 p.m., 259 English
Thursday, October 9
2-3 p.m., 163 Noyes
Wednesday, October 15
11 a.m.-noon, 317 Greg Hall
Tuesday, October 21
3-4 p.m., 161 Noyes
One more quick reminder: students already enrolled in an LAS major who want to change to another LAS major do not need to attend one of our ICT Meetings.  Instead, they should visit 2002 Lincoln Hall during the ICT period and fill out a curricular change form.