New "Makerspace" course for fall

Please let your students know about an exciting NEW course for the FA2014 semester!  Art Ed and the FabLab are working together to offer ARTS 499: Makerspace!   This class will be taught both in the 1st 8 week session AND in the 2nd 8 week session, with a lecture and a lab component (in the FabLab). No pre-requisites, and this definitely counts as one of the upper level electives for the INFO minor! Though some seats are reserved for Art and Info students, there are also seats available to any undergraduate student.

ARTS 499: Makerspace NEW ArtEd & Informatics Course for Fall 2014!

  • Develop understanding of principles and processes behind prototyping
  • Hack together and implement tools, ideas and proposals for workshops
  • Critique, test and report on real–world examples of makerspace curriculum
  • Practice multiple styles of expressions for different real–‐world contexts
  • Gain familiarity with open source and proprietary software
  • Learn about digital literacy, community–‐based art educa;on, informa;cs and the design of makerspaces from an interdisciplinary perspective