LAS Blockbuster Courses

LAS blockbuster courses are exciting, co-taught, multidisciplinary courses for advanced undergraduates who want to learn how to apply content area knowledge in humanities, social science, and science to address real-world problems. Students will work with other highly-motivated students and outstanding professors from outside their majors to gain precisely the kinds of skills that employers are looking for.
Each course is designed to:
•        prepare students to deal with a deluge of information and distinguish fact, fiction, and opinion
•        improve students’ communication skills
•        engage students in problem-solving activities where they must think critically, approach arguments skeptically, and develop effective counter arguments
•        address issues and problems that are of particular societal relevance today, especially those that impact multiple groups in unequal ways
•        incorporate multimedia and online resources  to support and enhance learning
•        attract a large  mixed audience of undergraduates from a variety of majors in multiple disciplines
•        provide a model for an innovative approach to general education for the 21st century (LAS students will receive Gen Ed credit in two different disciplinary categories for each course)
Each course has been developed by an instructional team comprised of faculty members, graduate students, and undergraduate students who represent at least two of the following broad disciplinary areas: Humanities/Social Science/Science.  The professors have been recognized for excellence in undergraduate teaching.