Department of Statistics Weekly Seminar

Heike Hofmann, Ph.D. (Iowa State University)
Speaker           Heike Hofmann, Ph.D. (Iowa State University)
Date                Oct 4, 2012
Time                4:00 pm – 5:00 pm
Location          156 Henry
Sponsor           Statistics Department
A Discussion of Graphical Inference 
How do you know if something that you see in a data plot is really there? 
Statistical inference for exploratory data analysis allows us to quantitatively assess the strength of a visual finding, and places statistical graphics in the context of classical inference. New work builds on the lineup protocol, which puts graphics into an inference framework, that examines the data plot in relation to null plots. This talk describes various aspects of the development of graphics inference: definitions of terminology and concepts, experiments conducted to validate the lineup protocol, how to compute p-values and power. Applications of visual inference in practice will be discussed. This includes how to choose the best display and also includes scenarios where no classical test exists, because critical assumptions are violated.