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Research Interests
Professor Portnoy works in the areas of robust statistics, asymptotic theory, and statistical application. He is a leader in the development of regression quantile methods, and has collaborated on applying statistical analysis to biological problems as an Adjunct Professor of Ecology.

R programs for censored regression quantiles (non-commercial use only):
The methodology for censored regression quantiles on which these programs are based is described in the following: S. Portnoy (2003), Censored Regression Quantiles, J. Amer. Statist. Assoc. , 1001 – 1012; and Tableman and Kim (2004), Survival Analysis Using S, Chapter 8, Chapman-Hall/CRC.
Software available in the R-package “quantreg” Click Here

For slides: Intro to Regression Quantiles View in PDF


Copper Canyon, October 2013


Australia Alpine Region:
lunch break at Albina Lake with helen and Raoul
summit circuit trail: 22.5 K, 700 m climb, 7 hours

Koala at Tidbinbilla Nature Park, Canberra ; Puffins, Iceland




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