Sarah Gaby on Occupy Online

Guest Speaker: Sarah Gaby (UNC-Chapel Hill, Sociology)

About Sarah Gaby: Sociology doctoral student at UNC-Chapel Hill, research interests include the ways in which sites such as Facebook and Twitter work to link supporters of social movements.

Structure of the presentation

  • Introduction of Sarah Gaby made by professor Chip Bruce.
  • Introduction by Sarah Gaby
  • On Civil Rights  Movement
  • Occupy Movement (preparation, on the ground and online)

Introduction of Sarah Gaby made by professor Chip Bruce.

Sarah Gaby introduces her interest  in Occupy movement and the research she conducted together with Neal Caren.

Has Social Media changed the ways in which social movements get organized? Take a look at Civil Rights movement.

How Occupy Movement came about

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Preparations for the Occupy Movement

Occupy Movement as it developed on the ground

Occupy Movement online


Sarah Gaby and Neal Caren. 2012. “Occupy Online: How Cute Old Men and Malcolm X Recruited 400,000 US Users to OWS on Facebook.” Social Movement Studies.

Clay Shirky. 2011. “The Political Power of Social Media.” Foreign Affairs.

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