leva Dmitricenko on Political Marketing in Latvia

About leva Dmitricenko: Dr. Dmitricenko is Faculty of Social Sciences Lecturer, and Marketing & PR Advisor at Vidzemes Augstskola University of Applied Sciences in Valmiera, Latvia. Her research interests include political communication, political marketing, marketing, modern marketing strategies, advertising, communication tools.

Topic: Political Technology as a post-Soviet school of Political Consultancy

In contemporary democracies political campaigns have become the most important component of the political process. Considering the significant role that political campaigns play in politics, the assistance of Western states in the promotion of democracy in the post-Soviet domain after the collapse of the USSR also manifested itself as targeted efforts to train young democrats on matters of the planning and implementation of political campaigns. Yet, as time progressed, a school of political consulting emerged in the post-Soviet realm that was unique to the region and is labelled “Political Technology”. The aim of the lecture is to give an insight into this phenomenon.



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