Olena Zhylinkova on Legal awareness and regulation in the digital age

About Olena Zhylinkova: Dr. Zhylinkov is a member of the Faculty of Law at V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University in Kharkiv, Ukraine. Her experience includes working as a judge clerk and senior consultant at the Court of Appeals of Kharkiv Region and as an associate at the Intellectual Property Law department of Konnov & Sozanovsky law firm (Kyiv, Ukraine). She is the author of 35 publications on contractual regulation in Intellectual Property Law, legal regulation of the Internet, Information and Media-Communications Law, licensing etc.

Topic of the class:

Legal awareness and regulation in the digital age: Intercultural understanding

In the light of Internet functioning modern society is represented by two majour groups – (1) Internet users and (2) holders of certain rights – copyrights, right for privacy, information rights etc. The main challenge of current lawmakers is to strike the balance between the interests of mentioned groups in order to benefit society and governments.

Social media legal regulation concerns a wide variety of relationships regarding intangible objects which makes it difficult yet necessary to find the official approaches to such a regulation minding the significance of Internet in everyday lives. Contemporary social dialogue on the role of governments in legal regulation of Internet echoes in modern legislative history and creates the new vision of the new society. Global characteristic of the Internet determines the intercultural features of legal regulation in this field. The course is aimed at defining the main arguments in the social dialogue on Internet regulation and their influence on the formation of social media in different countries.

Structure of the presentation

  • Introduction of Olena Zhylinkova
  • Introduction to Internet Regulations
  • Holders vs. Users (Napster, RIAA, Pirate Bay, Megaupload)
  • Copyrights and the international TV shows
  • International legislation (France, Sweden Finland)
  • Copyright Law and creative industries
  • About Aaron Swartz’s case
  • Final remarks on Copyright and Self regulation


  • Introduction of Olena Zhylinkova

  • About Pirate Bay


  • Copyrights and the international TV shows

  • Question from Chip


Other resources

Netanel, Neil (2000) Cyberspace Self-Governance: A Skeptical View from Democratic Theory 
www.democracynow.org “An Incredible Soul”: Larry Lessig Remembers Aaron Swartz After Cyber-Activist’s Suicide Before Trial; Parents Blame Prosecutor
www.democracynow.org SOPA: Anti-Piracy or Censorship? Wikipedia’s Jimmy Wales vs. Copyright Alliance’s Sandra Aistars


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