Here are some resources related to the science of radars and radar data for weather and climate applications:

AMS Radar Committee

Prof. Nesbitt is presently the chair of the American Meteorological Society Radar Meteorology Committee.  The Radar Committee has a web page and a Facebook group.  There are links to the 2011 35th Radar Conference, which took place in Pittsburgh, was co-organized by Prof. Nesbitt, and the 2013 36th Radar Conference, which took place in Breckenridge, which Prof. Nesbitt was on the conference organizing committee and was on the program subcommittee chair.  Prof. Nesbitt is also on the organizing committee for the 8th European Conference on Radar in Meteorology and Hydrology in September 2014 in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany and the upcoming 2015 First Asia-Pacific Radar Conference (location TBD).

Radar data processing

Tutorial on installing processing radar data with Radx – how to use NCAR software for converting radar to CfRadial (a common netCDF radar format) and gridding radar data to Cartesian coordinates

Py-ART (Python ARM Radar Toolkit) – maintained by Argonne National Labs – an open source toolkit for reading, writing, perusing, and performing retrievals on radar data in the python programming language, including data in CfRadial format.  In the future, I hope to include examples of how we use this software in our group.

Tutorial on Installing and using Py-ART on keeling – getting anaconda linux up and running on keeling (DAS’s linux computing cluster) and installing Py-ART.  UofI DAS folks, be sure to request a keeling account from SESE computing help if you haven’t already.  keeling documentation is here.

Tutorial on Using iPython notebook, and using it remotely – Instructions and resources about iPython notebook, a powerful interactive python interactive development environment (IDE).  Also, how to use iPython notebook from DAS’s linux cluster keeling on your local machine for improved responsiveness.  Directions should apply to remotely display to a local machine (i.e. a laptop) from a remote machine (i.e. a linux workstation or cluster).

Coming soon:

Using github and iPython notebook viewer

NASA/CSU D3R to CfRadial toolkit

MGRAD: Radar-aircraft track matching toolkit

TRMMMATLAB: The University of Illinois TRMM precipitation radar database and MATLAB toolkit


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