Steve Nesbitt, Principal Investigator

Research staff

  • Paloma Borque, Post doctoral fellow (arriving August 2016)
    • E-mail:
    • Ph.D. McGill University
    • Lic., B.Sc., Universidad de Buenos Aires

Graduate research assistants

  • Kim Reed (past NASA Graduate Fellow), Ph.D. Student (topic: orographic precipitation in the tropics/radar and microphysics of winter precipitation for GPM)
    • E-mail: dill1 at
    • M.S. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign,
    • B.S. University of Nebraska
  • Piyush Garg, Ph.D. student (topic: scatterometer winds and rainfall over the global oceans)
    • E-mail: pgarg7 at
    • Research fellow, Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology, Pune, India
    • M.S. Pune University and Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology
    • Pune, India, 
    • B.Sc. University of Delhi
  • Jake Mulholland, Ph.D. student (topic: severe convection in subtropical South America), co-advised with Jeff Trapp
    • E-mail: jmullhol2 at
    • M.S. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
    • B.S. State University of New York College at Oswego
  • Randy Chase, M.S. student (topic: Global Precipitation Measurement mission ground validation), co-advised with Greg McFarquhar
    • E-mail: randyjc2 at
    • B.S. State University of New York College at Brockport

Current undergraduate research assistants


Group graduate research alumni

  • Vineeth Madhavan, M.S. 2009 (co-advised with Prof. Alison Anders, Geology) (topic: Erosion-precipitation relationships in the Western Ghats, India)
  • Jessica Colberg, M.S. 2012 (co-advised with Prof. Alison Anders, Geology) (topic: Land surface-precipitation interactions in the Western Ghats, India)
  • Patrick Brown, M.S. 2012 (topic: Urban-rainfall influences)
  • Wendilyn (Kaufeld) Flynn, M.S., Ph.D. 2012, now Assistant Professor, Earth Sciences Department, University of Northern Colorado (topic: cloud-aerosol interaction in convection, hydrometeorological processes in monsoons)
  • Nicole (Schiffer) Gaynor, M.S., Ph.D. 2013, now Post doc, Illinois State Geological Survey (topic: North American Monsoon water budget)
  • Dan Harnos, Ph.D., 2014, post doc, now Federal scientist at NOAA-NWS Climate Prediction Center
  • Kirstin (Gleicher) Harnos, Ph.D., 2015, now Research Scientist at NOAA-NWS Climate Prediction Center
  • George Duffy, M.S. 2016, now Ph.D. student at Vanderbilt University
  • Stella Choi, M.S. 2016

Group undergraduate research alumni

  • Roger Akers, B.S. 2009, now engineer at Flying S Inc., Palestine IL (topic: North American Monsoon Convection/Lightning)
  • Katie Sulski, B.S. 2011 (topic: factors tropical cyclone tracks)
  • Nick Mycyk B.S. 2011 (topic: hurricane rapid intensification)
  • Thomas Ventimiglia, B.S. 2012 (topic: modeling hurricane rapid intensification)
  • Zaneta Gacek, B.S. 2012 (topic: radar and rain gauge analysis in the Jemez Mountains in New Mexico)
  • Ana Ortiz, B.S. 2013 (topic: GIS applications in road weather forecasting)
  • Gabriel Ewing, B.S. 2013 (topic: Idealized modeling of orographic precipitation)
  • Lauren Carter, B.S. 2015 (topic: Hurricane tracks and rapid intensification)
  • Stephen Gaggiano, B.S. 2015 (topic: Micro Rain Radar and disdrometer measurements of snow)
  • Carson Soch, B.S. 2017 (topic: atmospheric in situ instrumentation)
  • James Shackelton, B.S. 2016 (topic: atmospheric in situ instrumentation)
  • Brian O’Shea, B.S. 2017 (topic: atmospheric in situ instrumentation)
  • Justin Mandruccolo, B.S. 2016 (topic: visualization of atmospheric data for mobile apps)

precipitation • cloud dynamics • cloud microphysics • radar meteorology • satellite meteorology • high impact weather