Group computer resources

Updated 20 August 2016

Computing resources is our compute cluster.  It has a head node of 12 CPUs, where interactive work can be done.  Longer jobs should be submitted through the SLURM batch system, either interactively or through a batch script. Currently,  we can run jobs up to 96 CPUs on this shared machine.  For more documentation, see this page maintained by SESE Computer Services.

Disk space and backups

Here is a list of our group computer storage:

  • /data/keeling/a/netID – 50 GB of backed up space, slower I/O (suggested location for code)

Data drives (not backed up):

  • /data/snesbitt/f/netID – 19.5 TB
  • /data/snesbitt/g/netID – 12.9 TB
  • /data/snesbitt/h/netID – 29.2 TB
  • /data/meso/a/netID – 144.2 TB – shared with Trapp and Lasher-Trapp groups
  • /data/gpm/a/netID – 90.2 TB – shared with McFarquhar group

I suggest signing up for an unlimited Google Drive account to back up large files.


On keeling, many software packages are installable using the module system.  Type module avail to see a listing of available software and compilers, load them with module load [package].

Python can be installed by following the instructions here.  Radar analysis software instructions can be found here.

For your university-owned machine, software is available from the Software Webstore.  For text editors, I suggest Atom or TextWrangler.