IMG_5720Welcome to the Cloud Systems Research Group, Department of Atmospheric Sciences, University of Illinois!

Specific research foci of our group include:
  • Cloud systems: precipitation processes, life cycle, kinematics and dynamics, microphysical processes, role in large scale weather and climate processes
  • Mesoscale and convective scale meteorology
  • Remote sensing of clouds and precipitation
The tools we use for our research include:
  • Remote sensing platforms for cloud and precipitation studies: radar and passive microwave techniques using ground, aircraft, and satellite techniques (ground based dual-pol or multifrequency radar, airborne and satellite multi-frequency radars, multi-channel multi-polarization passive microwave measurements, scatterometers)
  • In situ measurements aboard aircraft or on the surface: cloud probes, surface disdrometer measurements and precipitation gauges, surface and radiosonde measurements
  • Precipitation microphysics and mesoscale- to cloud-scale dynamics
  • Mesoscale models: WRF, CM1
  • Big data, open software: remote sensing, in situ, model data

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