IMG_5720Welcome to the Cloud Systems Research Group, Department of Atmospheric Sciences, University of Illinois!

Specific research foci of our group include:
  • Cloud systems: precipitation processes, life cycle, kinematics and dynamics, microphysical processes, role in large scale weather and climate processes
  • Mesoscale and convective scale meteorology
  • Remote sensing of clouds and precipitation
The tools we use for our research include:
  • Remote sensing platforms for cloud and precipitation studies: radar and passive microwave techniques using ground, aircraft, and satellite techniques (ground based dual-pol or multifrequency radar, airborne and satellite multi-frequency radars, multi-channel multi-polarization passive microwave measurements, scatterometers)
  • In situ measurements aboard aircraft or on the surface: cloud probes, surface disdrometer measurements and precipitation gauges, surface and radiosonde measurements
  • Precipitation microphysics and mesoscale- to cloud-scale dynamics
  • Mesoscale models: WRF, CM1
  • Big data, open software: remote sensing, in situ, model data

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Splitting storms in Argentina

Nice illustration of splitting storms and the power of GOES-16 ABI and GLM imagery together to track convective storms. 18 hour loop over central Argentina from last night. h/t @DanLindsey77 pic.twitter.com/0CxtaDPNpp — Steve Nesbitt (@70_dbz) April 8, 2018

New radar textbook published

Radar Meteorology, A First Course, our 488 page full-color textbook including homework assignments and solutions for instructors, is now available! For information about ordering a hardcopy or e-book, visit: https://bit.ly/2qeYNbk Hoping to teach the next generation of radar meteorologists…the book is here!! pic.twitter.com/hbz7tkCS7H — Steve Nesbitt (@70_dbz) April 6, 2018

RELAMPAGO 4th workshop completed

The RELAMPAGO scientific steering group met at the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder, CO this week to continue planning for field operations during the campaign. The @RELAMPAGO2018 team at @ncareol this week at our 4th planning workshop pic.twitter.com/Uc4S9APMFf — proyecto RELÁMPAGO (@RELAMPAGO2018) March 26, 2018 .@RELAMPAGO2018 “working dinner” pic.twitter.com/2nN3m3jA1Y — Steve Nesbitt (@70_dbz) …