Colin Lee


Curriculum Vitae


  • My research focuses on the neural basis of behavior and decision making in gastropod mollusks. Additionally, I’m interested in identifying novel neuropeptides in gastropods, and determining how these peptides influence behavior. Right now I am studying the reproductive circuit in Pleurobranchaea, with the larger goal of determining how an organism’s nutritional state influence its reproductive behavior.


  • In Progress | University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign | Ph.D. Neuroscience
  • 2015 | University of New Hampshire | M.S. Zoology
  • 2012 | Boston University | B.Sc. Marine Sciences


  • Lee, C. 2015. Studies of satiation in Melibe leonina. American Conchologist. 43:1.
  • Newcomb, J.M., Kirouac, L.E., Naimie, A.A., Bixby, K.A., Lee, C., Malanga, S., Raubach, M., and Watson, W.H. 2014. Circadian rhythms of crawling and swimming in the nudibranch mollusc Melibe leonina. Bio. Bull. 227, 263-273.