My current research interests are in mathematical models of traffic flow and real time estimation and prediction methods to improve traffic estimation and management strategies. My current focuses are on

  • Developing realistic macroscopic second order models from experimental data. Our objective is to address the challenges in modeling congested traffic flow, where fundamental diagram data becomes set-valued. In this research, we aim at develop more realistic models that can capture and dynamics of the set-valued regime. We propose a systematic approach to generate new second order models from data, under a generic framework of second order traffic models.
  • Modeling heterogeneous traffic flow. We are interested in modeling flow of traffic with multiple vehicle types. In particular, we are constructing models that can capture the dynamics of highly heterogeneous flow, which involves cars, motorbikes, rickshaws, etc..
  • Generating effective and accurate real-time estimation algorithms. We aim to integrate generic second order traffic models with nonlinear filtering techniques. This combination has good potential to obtain more accurate estimators.