Illinois Administrative Professionals is an organization for University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign employees in certain Civil Service classifications. We will be celebrating our 70th birthday of IAP/Secretariat in December 2018. Over the years, office support functions and responsibilities have changed, as have the skills required to perform these roles effectively. IAP seeks to build collegiality across campus. Our primary objectives are:

  • Establish a fellowship and create a high standard of ethics among members.
  • Assist in the professional development of members.
  • Serve as a forum for the discussion of issues affecting support staff of the University of Illinois.
  • Further knowledge about the University of Illinois and uphold its honor and dignity.

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ANNOUNCEMENT: Members at the May Annual Business meeting voted to change the name of the organization from ‘The Secretariat’ to ‘Illinois Administrative Professionals’ which will take effect as of July 1, 2018. As office professional roles in general-and more specifically on our campus-have changed during the past several decades, the adoption of the new name better represents the careers of our diverse membership. We will be working diligently over the next several months to rebrand the logo and image of this great organization. Stay tuned for messages related to the rebranding of our social media pages, website and newsletter.

Career Connections Committee

“The Secretariat has been a valuable part of my ‘professional tool kit’ since I first joined.  The opportunities for professional development and networking, coupled with leadership opportunities has enhanced my career.  I have also greatly expanded my network and established many lasting relationships with my peers.”
-Rebecca Nash, Administrative Assistant, College of Fine + Applied Arts

“I’ve grown up with The Secretariat. I’ve been a member since I was eligible and have met so many wonderful colleagues and friends through the years.”
-Debbie Kemphues, Assistant to the Provost

“A coworker talked me into going to my first meeting. After attending, I realized The Secretariat is a great networking and informational organization! I wanted to be more involved and help out so I joined two committees.”
-Crystal Hahnstadt, Center for the Physics of Living Cells (CPLC), Physics

“The Secretariat was a very personal experience for me and full of networking opportunities.”
-Denice Wells, retired

“I was an invited guest that attended a lunch. I met a lot of great people and knew this is something I would be interested in so I joined. Since joining, I have already been in contact with a couple members because they were someone I knew in the department I was contacting. The Secretariat is a fantastic source of comradery and networking.  I look forward to growing as a University team player within the Secretariat. I would recommend a visit to anyone on the fence or just wanting to come see what it’s all about.”
-Stacy Dudzinski, Office Manager, NCSA Directors Office / Research & Education

“The Secretariat has been the most valuable source of information and networking for me during my tenure at the University.”
-Terri Palumbo, retired

“I have been at the University for about 3 years. I was always told the best way to grow my career is by networking.  But, I have never really had any great networking opportunities. So, I gave the Secretariat a try. In just a few months I have met so many great colleagues I am using my Secretariat network almost daily!”
-Jill Ouellette, Office of the Vice Provost for International Affairs and Global Strategies

“The Secretariat has been an essential organization and component contributing to my professional development at the University of Illinois during the past thirty years, and it continues to do so today.  This organization has provided leadership and networking opportunities to me in which I may not have otherwise had the advantage to participate; opportunities that have been integral to my growth into leadership positions on campus.  I am a strong proponent of life-long learning, and I continue to learn from the amazing group of office professionals who are part of The Secretariat to this day!”
-Debbie McCall, Executive Assistant Dean of Administration, College of Medicine