AGED 260: Intro to Leadership Studies and the Leadership Minor

Due to significant demand, AGED 260 will now be offered in large lecture/discussion breakout format starting this spring 2013. We have opened up 90 additional seats and will continue to offer the course spring and fall semesters.  The course is offered this spring on MW 9:00-9:50am with discussion sections at varied times R/F.  There are 180 spots available, 80% of these are unrestricted and the rest are restricted to Leadership Studies Minor or Agricultural Education major students.

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ENG 315: Learning in Community – Adva strongly recommends

Please share with students the service-learning opportunities in ENG 315, LINC-Learning in Community for Sp13.  Students in previous semesters have enjoyed the hands-on, real projects working with and for community partners around the world.


All students – any major, any level – may enroll. We have several new partners and projects with 17 sections meeting at various times:


For graduate and advanced undergraduate students, Project Management opportunities are available:


Please view our introductory video and share it with students. “What is LINC?” is posted at

NRES 199: Wild Animal Planet and ACES 199: Sustainable Food Systems

NRES 199 Wild Animal Planet is taught by Dr. Mike Ward–Wednesdays 6:30-7:50 pm in 120 Architecture Building (3 hours, CRN: 57253). Wild Animal Planet is the perfect course for students who love nature shows and want to be able to interact with an expert. It will expose students to the amazing diversity and behavior of animals and provide an introduction to applied ecology.

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NPRE 101: Introduction to Energy Sources

Do you have a student looking to satisfy their Physical Sciences and Quant Reasoning II requirements?  Seats still remain in NPRE 101 Introduction to Energy Sources taught by Professor David Ruzic.  The course description follows below.  This has been a very popular course.  Dr. Ruzic is a very engaging presenter, with multiple listings on the List of Teachers Ranked as Excellent by their Students.  Students may enroll in sec A for the stand along lecture only.  Honors sections for Chancellor’s Scholars (AL1 lect & AY1 Lab/Disc) and Freshmen “Discovery” sections (AL1 lect & AY2 Lab/Disc) area also available.

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Engl 199: Reading for Writers

Reading for Writers – ENGL 199, Section RFW, TUTH, 12:30 – 1:45 p.m.


When asked whether he thought writers were made or born, Beat writer Jack Kerouac answered that genius involves originality in style: “It ain’t whatcha write, it’s the way atcha write it.” In Reading for Writers, unlike in traditional literature courses, this will be our focus: the how of a story or poem, the way it’s written, more so than merely the what. This course will introduce you to a way of reading that you may be unfamiliar with-reading with an eye for craft. Some questions we will ask ourselves are, How is a piece put together? Why and how did the author do what she’s done? How can we relate this to our own writing? Ideally, this is a course to get you excited about reading as a tool to become a better writer. And even if you don’t identify yourself as a writer, you will gain a greater understanding of and appreciation for how a work of literature is put together. The class will be discussion-based and will involve writing both critical and creative works. Note: Reading for Writers fulfills a literature requirement in the CW major. It is also open to non-majors.