LAS 101 Internship Application is Open! (a lot of secondary students do this!)

LAS 101 Freshman Seminar Internships —  Accepting Applications for Fall 2013!  


Application form: Available on LAS website




Freshmen Seminar Interns are accomplished juniors and seniors who are willing to share their college experiences with first‐year students by serving as student mentors. Each Intern meets once a week, in one-hour sessions with a class of 20– 25 students in a course which is designed to assist first‐term students in making the transition from high school to university both academically and socially. In the classes, Interns will familiarize their students with the university resources, facilitate dialogue and discussion, and will promote collaborative learning.  An LAS 101 Internship offers our best and brightest students the opportunity to help others while enhancing their own skills and preparing for their chosen professions or advanced scholarship. Those chosen for this opportunity will be enrolled in LAS 399H Leadership and Professional Development.  The LAS 399 class will meet one hour a week (on Mondays) for interns to plan for each week’s classes and participate in seminars designed to further their own leadership and professional skills.  Interns will receive 3 hours of advanced level credit. 


Eligibility: You must:


(1)  have junior or senior standing the fall semester during which you are applying to be an LAS 101 intern (current sophomores can apply)

(2)  Be a current LAS student

(3)  Have been a freshman on the UIUC campus

(4)  Have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher.


Deadline: February 8, 2013

Application: Available on LAS website

Applications must be submitted in hard copy to: Ruth Hoffman, Room 2002 Lincoln Hall

Contact (217) 333-1706 or