HRE 199: Leadership in Global Engagement

HRE 199 – Leadership in Global Engagement


Meets: Fridays [3:00 P.M. — 5:15 P.M.]

Instructor: Murillo Soranso (

Location: Pennsylvania Ave Residence Halls — Carr Lounge 111A

Credit: 3 hours

HRE 199: Leadership in Global Engagement focuses on interactive exchange experiences between 8 University of Illinois students and 8 students from the University of Macau Honours College. The purpose of the course is to provide students with a platform to engage in discussions and projects that explore aspects of leadership, communication, and intercultural encounters. Topics explored in this course include individualist and collectivist cultures; public and private behaviors; projections of cultural similarities; cultural conformity; stress in intercultural encounters; communication styles; generalizations and stereotypes; rank and power, ethnocentrism; family relationships; dealing with conflict; and being an effective intercultural communicator. The course has a limited enrollment of eight undergraduate students.  To apply for consideration: