Graduate Program in School Psychology

Dear University/College Representative


My name is Amanda Leppert, a second-year School Psychology graduate student and a Student Governance Representative at National Louis University.  I am contacting you as part of our recruitment process for potential applicants to our National Association of School Psychologists (NASP) accredited graduate program. We are looking for advisors, faculty members and department chairs in Psychology and Education departments to help us spread the word about our Program. Unfortunately, too many undergraduates know very little about careers in School Psychology, a field that supports the use of evidence-based practices to create safe and civil school environments and promotes positive academic and mental health development. With an Educational Specialist (Ed.S.) degree, a 66-semester hour post master’s degree, all of our graduates for the past 5 years have found meaningful employment in schools, despite the weak economy. Our program is located conveniently in Skokie, Illinois. It includes a school-based practicum component every term with an increasing time commitment, and is one of three nationally certified school psychology programs in the greater Chicago area.

Attached to this email you will find a PowerPoint presentation that explains the School Psychology field and the program that is offered at National Louis University. Additionally, we have included a NASP brochure about the field of School Psychology.  If you would like to distribute the informational PowerPoint and brochure to students who may be interested in the field of school psychology, we would greatly appreciate it.  Additionally, if you would like one of our faculty and/or graduate students to come and speak to your students considering careers in Psychology generally about the field of School Psychology or specifically about what NLU School Psychology has to offer, please contact me.


For more in depth information about our program, please visit our website: HTTP://NLUSCHOOLPSYCHOLOGY.INFO/




Amanda Leppert, M. Ed.

Student Governance Representative

National Louis University