PK -12 Teaching Opportunities

To:      Education Department

From:  Shannon Johnston

Re:      PK-12 Teaching Jobs


Since 1902, Southern Teachers Agency has helped candidates find teaching and coaching jobs in private & independent schools in the South.  It is our hope that you will consider forwarding this email to students interested in teaching.

While we do communicate with the career services office at your school, we wanted to contact you directly. Southern Teachers Agency emails announcements about STA job fairs and available positions throughout the academic year.  We hope that you will share these announcements with students who may be interested in working in a private school environment as a teacher, coach and/or administrator.  If there are other members of your department who would be more appropriate recipients, please forward this message or let us know.


The hiring season for the 2013-14 academic year will begin very soon and we encourage students who are interested in teaching to apply to Southern Teachers Agency before the winter break.  Doing so will allow ample time to compile a complete credentials file and be prepared for the peak hiring season, which begins in January. We also encourage applicants to begin speaking with potential references at this time.


Southern Teachers Agency will hold three job fairs for active, registered STA candidates in 2013:

1)      Best of the South! Atlanta, GA, February 9

      Candidate application deadline: January 25

2)      STA at NAIS: Philadelphia, PA, February 27 – March 1

      Candidate application deadline: February 15

3)      A Capitol Campaign: Washington, DC, March 23

      Candidate application deadline: March 11


The STA online application can be found on our websiteat