• bayesefa: Exploratory Bayesian factor analysis of continuous, mixed-type, and bounded continuous variables using the mode-jumping algorithm of Man and Culpepper (2020).
  • cIRT: Jointly model the accuracy of cognitive responses and item choices within a Bayesian hierarchical framework as described by Culpepper and Balamuta (2015)
  • dina: Estimate the confirmatory Deterministic Input, Noisy “And” Gate (DINA) cognitive diagnostic model parameters using the Gibbs sampler described by Culpepper (2015)
  • edina: Bayesian estimation of the exploratory deterministic input, noisy and gate (EDINA) cognitive diagnostic model described by Chen et al. (2018)
  • errum: Perform a Bayesian estimation of the exploratory reduced reparameterized unified model (ErRUM) described by Culpepper and Chen (2018)
  • fourPNO: Estimate Barton & Lord’s (1981) four parameter IRT model with lower and upper asymptotes using Bayesian formulation described by Culpepper (2016)
  • iccbeta: Quantify the share of variance in a dependent variable that is attributed to group heterogeneity in slopes as described by Aguinis & Culpepper (2015)
  • pathmodelfit: Compute fit indices for the path component of latent variable structural equation models.
  • rRUM: Implement Gibbs sampling algorithm for Bayesian estimation of the Reduced Reparameterized Unified Model (‘rrum’) described by Culpepper and Hudson (2017)