Summer Internship Poster Sessions

2017 Summer Internship Poster Session


Privacy-Preserving Validation of Reachability: Cross Multiple Software Defined Networks for Smart Grids [poster]

Ransomeware: Recommendations Against the Extortion [poster]

Trust-Aware Failure Detector in Multi-Agent Systems [poster]

Multi-Agent System for Detecting Control-Related Attacks in Power Grids [poster]     

Reducing the Complexity of Contemporary Cloud Computing Systems [poster]

Static Analysis of Cimplifier: As Solution for Least Privilege Containers [poster]

 Modeling and Quantifying Cyber Attacks on Signalized Traffic Networks [poster]



2016 Summer Internship Poster Session 



Attacking Factories vis USB Devices [poster]

OpenSSL: Diving Deeper in Vulnerability Causing Patterns and Reporting Practices using Static Analysis [poster]

Smart TRB: An Incentive Compatible Consensus Protocol Utilizing Smart Contracts [poster]

Exploring the Human Aspect of Computer Security: A Review of Literature [poster]

Multi-Agent System for Detecting False Data Injection Attacks Against the Power Grid [poster]

Precise Timing Analysis of Open vSwitch for Hard Real-Time Applications [poster]

Intrusion Detection: Separating the Human from the Program [poster]

Restart and Secure: An Approach to Enhance Security in Real-Time Cyber-Physical Systems [poster]

2015 Summer Internship Poster Session


Human Decision Models in Computer Security[abstract] [poster]

Modeling a Cyber Resilient Smart Grid using Software Defined Networks [abstract] [poster]

Mitigating Security Difficulties in the Internet of Things (Work in Progress) [abstract] [poster]

Security Testbed: Scalable Infrastructure for Interactive Attack Replay and Testing of Security Monitoring Tools [abstract] [poster]

Camera Integration for Hardware-in-the-loop Simulator Avionics Demonstrator [abstract] [poster]