Classification of Cyber-Physical System Adversaries

Investigators:  Sayan Mitra and Geir Dullerud

Classification and understanding of attacks is the first step towards developing principled design technologies for resilient cyberphysical systems. Building up on the existing hybrid system and stochastic process theories, the project classifies a broad range of attacks on monolithic and distributed CPS which encompass traditional attacks on computing infrastructure as well as attacks that exploit the dynamical and network characteristics. There are two sides to the proposed classification: First, it provides algorithms for detecting classes of attacks that can be detected with reasonable resources. Second, it provides lower bound result characterizing classes of attacks that cannot be detected and yet can destabilize the system. At the theoretical level, the outcomes from this project will provide new techniques for reasoning about adversaries in switched and hybrid systems which combine indistinguishability-based arguments from distributed computing and control theory. In summary, this project develops the foundations of a security science for hybrid systems where physics-based processes play principal roles alongside those of computation and communication.

Hard Problem Addressed


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